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Source: FSANZ                                                           Australian News    4/09/2007 20:38:46

 Second Food Safety Conference only 2 weeks away

Food safety experts from Australia, New Zealand and around the world will meet in Sydney in two weeks time to discuss the future of food at the second Food Safety Conference in Sydney from 19 to 21 September, 2007.


Themed “New Directions 2007”, the conference to be held at the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre at Darling Harbour. It will feature international and Australian experts from industry, consumer organisations and government who will examine the latest developments and challenges in food safety.


George Davey, Director-General of the NSW Food Authority and co-sponsor of the conference with Food Standards Australia New Zealand, said that central to the conference theme will be how “future foods” will affect consumers, manufacturers and regulators in the international arena.


‘This conference is timely as food safety  is a major international issue both for emerging and major economies as we face changes in technology and increased consumer demand for foods that are convenient, safe and healthy.


‘I would strongly encourage anyone with an interest in food, whether they are a consumer, health professional, food business or government regulator, to attend this conference. We already have more than 250 delegates registered, so register soon to avoid disappointment.


‘If you can attend only one food related conference this year make it this one as you will be hearing directly from those involved in the complex world of food,’ Mr Davey concluded.


Speakers will include: Dr John O’Brien, CEO of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, Dr Gerry Moy of the World Health Organization and Dr Andrew McKenzie, Executive Director of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.


From Australia and New Zealand speakers are: Dr Rebecca Huntley the author of the highly acclaimed book The World According to Y, Mr Peter Kell, CEO of CHOICE, Dr Bruce Lee Director of CSIRO’s Australia’s Food Futures Flagship, and Mr Robert Kerr, Commissioner with the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission.


The conference also includes a series of Masterclasses which will run concurrently on Wednesday, 19 September 2007. They include: Beyond Groundhog Day, facilitated by the ABC’s Julie McCrossin;  Food Allergy – A fact of life,organised by Anaphylaxis Australia Inc; Industry – Labelling, organised by the Australian Food and Grocery Council; Standardisation, examines standards across the board in Australia and is organised by Standards Australia; and  Dietary Modelling run by FSANZ.


Participants can register by logging on to http://www.foodsafetyconference.com.au/ and a full program is at Conference Program.


There are a few trade displays and sponsorship opportunities still available  see Sponsorship Exhibition Prospectus or contact Erin Varker at Conference Logistics as soon as possible by phone 02 6281 6624 or email to erin@conlog.com.au.


In addition to FSANZ and the NSW Food Authority, sponsors of the conference are: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Standards Australia, Safe Food Queensland, the Australian Institute of Environmental Health, the Australian Food and Grocery Council and Anaphylaxis Australia Inc.


Media contact: Lydia Buchtmann, FSANZ (02) 6271 2620 or 0401 714 265.

Details of key speakers and master classes.


The international visitors are:


Dr John O’Brien, chief executive of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, has extensive experience in the food industry having been Director of Food Safety for the Danone Group from 1999 until 2003. Originally from Cork, he is a chartered chemist, chartered biologist and registered toxicologist, with broad knowledge of risk assessment and food safety management at an international level as well as having considerable expertise in communications.


Dr Gerald Moy, a scientist with the Department of Food Safety at the World Health Organization in Geneva, is responsible for the risk assessment and management of chemicals in food, including food additives, pesticide and animal drug residues, environmental contaminants and naturally occurring toxins, including inherent processing constituents. He is also the Coordinator for the WHO Global Environment Monitoring System/Food Contamination Monitoring and Assessment Program, which collects and evaluates data on human exposure to chemicals through food.


Dr Steve Hathaway, director of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority’s Science Group. He is not only a United Nations acclaimed expert in epidemiology, scientific research and risk analysis specializing in human health problems transmitted through the food chain. He is also a founding member of SurfAid International, a non-profit humanitarian aid organization dedicated to improving the health of people living in isolated regions where surfers like Dr Hathaway and co-founder Dr Dave Jenkins, looking for the dream wave, discovered them.


Dr Andrew McKenzie, executive director of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority, is a veterinarian and former administrator of the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's regulatory authority. He has headed the NZFSA since its inception in 2002, though he has now stepped down to seek new challenges. In the meantime, he has agreed to act as Chief Executive of the new Public Service department, the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.


Also in alphabetical order our home grown speakers are: 


Dr Michele Allan, a FSANZ Board member and Group General Manager Risk and Sustainability for Amcor Ltd.  Dr Allan has held numerous senior executive positions in the food industry and her background covers research and development in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, dairy products and packaging.


Mr Peter Boyden is another FSANZ Board member. He is an internationally experienced chief executive officer with extensive general management and marketing experience in consumer foods businesses in Australia, the UK, Netherlands and Greece. His most recent role was as managing director and regional board member of the Unilever Australasian foods business and a board member of the Australian Food and Grocery Council. He currently acts as a business mentor for senior executives. His areas of responsibility have included the management of consumer marketing, product and packaging development and food production and general management, where he has focused on strategy development and portfolio management.


Mr David Foote is Chief Executive Officer of Australian Country Choice, a Brisbane-based, family-owned beef and veal supply company that owns and manages cattle stations, feedlots and the Cannon Hill meat processing operations. The company employs more than 800 staff and processes some 1.5 million kilograms of beef, veal and value-added products every week. Mr Foote represents agricultural and meat and food sectors on the Australian Meat Industry Council (Qld) export committee and three Queensland Government advisory panels or committees, namely the Food, Fibre & Agribusiness Council, the Export Connections Advisory Committee and the Food Industry Advisory Council.


Dr Rebecca Huntley is an executive with Ipsos, a leading global survey-based market research company. Dr Huntley joined the company in 2006 and recently took over from Hugh Mackay as Research Director for the Ipsos Mackay Report. She has a PhD in gender studies, has law and arts degrees, and is the author of the highly acclaimed book The World According to Y. Her next book, Republic of Food, is to be published by Black Inc in 2008.


Mr Peter Kell, Chief Executive Officer of CHOICE, formerly the Australian Consumers’ Association, has extensive experience in the field of consumer protection in Australia. Before he joined CHOICE in 2004, Mr Kell was executive director of Consumer Protection and New South Wales Regional Commissioner at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). He established ASIC's Consumer Advisory Panel and has served on a wide range of consumer and industry bodies.


Mr Robert Kerr, Commissioner with the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission since 2004. Mr Kerr has had more than 20 years senior executive experience with the Commonwealth Government in the Treasury portfolio. He held various senior policy advisory positions, providing advice on foreign investment, overseas borrowing and structural reform issues, as well as serving in Tokyo.


Dr Bruce Lee is Director of Australia’s Food Futures Flagship, one of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s six National Research Flagships. The Flagship program is delivering outcomes that will transform the agrifood sector of Australia through new technologies and collaborations. Dr. Lee joined the Flagship program in January 2004, bringing with him more than 14 years of international experience in agribusiness, research and development. He was part of the team that commercialised the first transgenic corn products in the United States.


Mr Craig Sahlin is Executive Director of Policy and Science with the NSW Food Authority. He worked as a private and community lawyer from 1983 to 1990 when he joined the NSW public sector. In the NSW Cabinet Office he specialised in regulatory reform and policy development. He developed the Food Production (Safety) Act 1998 which established SafeFood Production NSW. He also worked closely on the 2004 merger of SafeFood with the food regulatory staff and resources of NSW Health to form the NSW Food Authority, Australia first through-chain food regulatory agency. .


Mr Geoff Starr is Chief Executive Officer of George Weston Foods, the Australian subsidiary of Associated British Foods. A former Mars and Unilever executive, Mr Starr has a strong record of building consumer markets in Australia, Asia and Europe.

The Master classes will run concurrently on 19 September 2007. They are:


Beyond Groundhog Day, facilitated by the ABC’s Julie McCrossin, is about the business of food safety and will challenge participants to determine how the industry moves forward on critical issues.


Food Allergy – A fact of life, organised by Anaphylaxis Australia Inc, this is a class examining the reality of food allergies for food manufacturers, researchers, regulators, food service personnel and anyone involved in the processing and sale of safe foods.


Industry – Labelling, organised by the Australian Food and Grocery Council, this is a packaged food labelling Masterclass for industry covering:


•       the general statutory labelling requirements of FSANZ,


•       the voluntary provisions outlined in the AFGC allergen management guide and the Front of Pack Daily Intake Guide initiative and,


•       Health claims labelling and the Nutrition information panel


Standardisation, examines standards across the board in Australia and is organised by Standards Australia.


Dietary Modelling, run by FSANZ, will cover how FSANZ conducts dietary exposure assessments for food chemicals such as food additives, contaminants, pesticides and nutrients. It will also include information on the data used, the results produced, how they are interpreted and illustrated using case studies. You can also see a demonstration of the FSANZ dietary exposure assessment computer program, DIAMOND

Source or related URL: http://www.foodstandards.gov.au

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