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หัวข้อ: WAS praises Vietnamese aquaculture potential
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Source: VietnamNet Bridge  World News    8/08/2007 23:25:59

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing areas in aquacultural production in the world and the future for the Vietnamese aquaculture looks bright, said Executive director of the World Aquaculture Society John Cooksey.


"Vietnam's aquaculture industry is developing dynamically because it is well organised, supported by the government and has a strong team of scientists behind it," John told a Viet Nam News Agency's correspondent on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific aquaculture conference 2007, that is taking place from August 6-8 in Hanoi.


"There is so much good water in Vietnam including fresh, brackish and marine water that is providing Vietnam opportunities for increased aquacultural development," John said.


According to statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), in 2006, aquaculture production reached 1.67mil tonnes, contributed US$1.7bil to a total of $3.32bil of the seafood export value.


Vietnam has become the world's third largest producer in aquacultural volume and one of the top ten seafood exporting countries.


However, according to Deputy Minister of MARD Nguyen Viet Thang, a small number of Vietnamese enterprises still face difficulties in some markets due to quality issue.


Thang said that aquacultural development in Vietnam had achieved rapid growth in production and value and would develop sustainably within food safety guideline, to meet international standards.


Vietnam is now home to over 250 enterprises that are recognised to be qualified for exporting their products to markets such as European countries, the US and Japan.


The conference is attracting the participation of over 1,000 scientists, enterprises and officials from the aquacultural industry in the world.



World aquaculture conference takes place in Hanoi



Seven of the world’s top ten seafood producers and exporters are from Asia, including China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh and Indonesia, said the World Aquaculture Conference of the Asia-Pacific Sub-committee, World Aquaculture Society (WAS) in Hanoi on August 6.

The Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2007 conference, themed “success comes from dynamic development”, is a good opportunity for the international aquaculture community to visit Vietnam and witness the rapid development of its fisheries sector. It is also a venue for participants to learn about the achievements and potential for development of the aquaculture industry in Vietnam and other countries in the region.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Viet Thang stressed that the Asia-Pacific region has contributed a great amount of seafood products to the global market. In 2004, the region’s seafood output reached 40.4 million tonnes, accounting for 89 percent of the global output and 78 percent of the world’s seafood value.

Vietnam has a large acreage for aquaculture cultivation with about 17 million ha of fresh and brackish water and around 3,260 km of coastal areas, creating a 1-million exclusive economic zone. Seafood is one of Vietnam’s key export items, generating a large revenue for local socio-economic development, Mr Thang noted.

Delegates at the conference focussed their discussion on developing aquaculture simultaneously with a sustainable environment, fulfilling socio-economic targets and ensuring equal benefits for all fishermen.

They said that Vietnam should focus on meeting the world requirements for food hygiene and safety, achieving sustainable development, reducing poverty and protecting the aquatic environment.

The conference was attended by 500 leading fisheries experts in the world with the aim of providing a good chance for the local fisheries sector to get access to information, experiences and advanced technology in aquaculture.

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