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หัวข้อ: Thailand; Fish farmers received compensation.
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Source: Andaman News TV11 Phuket  World News    7/08/2007 12:22:22


25 local fish farmers whose farms were damaged and affected by waste water from the Phuket City Office’s garbage piles in June, have now received cash compensation from the office.


The Phuket City Mayor Somjai Suwansuppana handed over an assistance package to them totaling over 5.1 million baht.


The mayor explained that the office now has to deal with the overflow of waste while the incinerator can handle only 250 tons per day. While waiting for central fund support for a second burner, the office uses the landfill as well as building clay barriers to prevent waste water getting into water sources and pumping the water into its water treatment plant nearby.
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