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หัวข้อ: China slows Argentina shrimp buys but fishing season timing offsets COVID-19 imp
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China slows Argentina shrimp buys but fishing season timing offsets COVID-19 impact
By Matilde Mereghetti March 6, 2020 17:35 GMT

Photo credit: Pesca Chubut
The outbreak of COVID-19 has sharply reduced China's shrimp purchases from around the would, but Argentina's wild-caught shrimp suppliers are downplaying the impact seen by their country's sector.

China was the largest destination market for Argentinian red shrimp in 2019, Pesca Chubut reported. The country's shrimp catches for the year were estimated to be just over 210,000t, or about 15% lower compared to 2018.

During the last two months, the price of farmed vannamei shrimp from Ecuador, the Americas' largest producer, collapsed as China cut orders although recent weeks have seen a partial recovery.

Meanwhile, Peru, another large vannamei farmer, suspended its exports of shrimp to China blaming the chaos caused by logjams at ports there.

Argentinian shrimp orders from China have also dropped although the extension of the Chinese New Years' holiday until Feb. 10 masked this impact for several weeks.

"Argentinian shrimp prices have not fallen, on the contrary. The market is firm and demand [is] good. We are currently not shipping to China, because there are no stocks of frozen-on-board," a sales executive with a large firm told Undercurrent on March 5.

"There are sales, but everything is a little slower than usual, however [we are] still loading [shrimp to export]. Taking into account that we are ending the Rawson's [shrimp] season [in provincial waters] since catches are recently clearly declining, the situation in Argentina is not as bad as in Ecuador," the second source said.

Like the first source, the second executive noted that following the Argentinian federal waters season, which ended in December, there were "no stocks left of shrimp frozen-on-board" and "prices have risen slightly with respect to the end of the season".

Chinese consumers prefer head-on, shell-on red shrimp that have been frozen-on-board during the fishing season as it's easier to re-process for the Chinese New Year, sources noted.

"It is not a big buyer of Rawson's head-off, shell-on shrimp," one of the two sources said, referring to catches landed in provincial waters.

"The situation will surely be back to normal by May/June when the [next fishing] season in national waters opens," the first source pointed out.

The next fishing season in national waters is expected to start in April.

A third executive, whose company is more active in the ongoing Rawson season, pointed out that he had not been affected by lower sales so far.

"In any case, it remains to be seen whether China will be in a position to buy when the main purchasing season for Chinese buyers starts, he said, adding that, however, he was monitoring the impact of the outbreak in Europe.