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หัวข้อ: Malaysia; Fishermen seek RM5mil for project
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Source: The Star  World News    23/02/2007 13:21:02

The Te-rengganu Fishermen’s Associa-tion (Penentu) will request RM5mil from the state government and the Fisheries Develop-ment Board to carry out aquaculture projects for the benefit of the fishing community in the state. 


Penentu manager Johari Mohd Nor said the projects would provide supplementary income for fishermen as well as their their family members. 


“The projects, like rearing of carps in cages, yield good returns because of the high demand and they fetch good prices. Fishermen can also rear clams,” he said when contacted by Bernama.


He said the association would require funds for such projects which included getting the fish fry and building cages to rear the fish. 

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