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หัวข้อ: UK; Monkfish taken off menu by UK supermarket
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UK - Supermarket chain Asda is to stop selling monkfish amid concerns over depleting stocks and the way it was being fished.

The retail giant says it will no longer supply the restaurant favourite until there are more sustainable ways of catching it.

Asda said the technique used to harvest the deep-sea monkfish was damaging to the marine ecosystem. It urged celebrity chefs to stop serving or endorsing the fish.

Beam trawling

Monkfish are often caught through beam trawling - where a fishing boat drags a net attached to a beam along the seabed.

The method has been accused of destroying underwater habitats.

This slow reproduction pattern of monkfish also meant it was at more risk than other species, said Chris Brown, Asda's sustainable and ethical sourcing manager.

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Source: BBC News