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หัวข้อ: Thailand; Shrimp exports threatened by US, Australian trade rules
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The Fisheries Department said that it is closely monitoring the introduction of new health and safety standards in the United States and Australia as they may hamper Thai shrimp exports to two major Thai markets.


Walmart, the US retail giant, the single largest buyer of Thai shrimp, taking up 90 per cent of shrimp exports to the US, recently ordered its suppliers to get aquaculture certification from an independent body, according to Fisheries Department director-general Jaranthada Karnasuta.


The Missouri-based Aquaculture Certification Council will certify whether imported supplies meet the social, environmental and food safety standards by inspecting not only shrimp hatcheries, but also farms and processing plants in foreign countries.


Such measures could potentially affect export prices, making Thai produce less competitive, Mr. Jaranthada said.


He added that the Fisheries Department was negotiating for lower certification fees and would ask the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation to look into the standardization of food safety guidelines since a review of existing standards for fresh and frozen prawn exports reveals that there is wide latitude from market to market.


"We want the international community to note that such unilateral practices are widespread as far as health and food safety is concerned," the Thai official noted, saying that such unilateral actions made it difficult for suppliers to comply with varied and changing standards.


Thailand has proposed hosting a special FAO meeting March 26-30 to look closely at the problem," the fisheries chief said.


Mr. Jaranthada said that Australia, another major buyer, is about to introduce a total ban on foreign shrimp in 2008, citing concerns for possible contamination and spreading of aquatic diseases. Thailand is making a representation on the matter to demonstrate that its shrimp should be exempted from the ban, he added.


Meanwhile, Indonesia, where Thailand's large commercial fishing fleet is active, is considering re-negotiating its fishing concessions

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