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หัวข้อ: UK; Shellfish removed from cholesterol “bad list”
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Source: Fish Farmer Magazine  World News    12/12/2006 15:57:37


The shellfish industry is celebrating after health experts finally agreed to remove shellfish from the cholesterol “bad list”.


New advice on the NHS Direct website emphasises the importance of low fat foods in the diet and states that this is more important than the cholesterol they naturally contain.

Over the past year, the Shellfish Association of Great Britain (SAGB) has questioned the old advice that shellfish, particularly prawns, should be avoided by people trying to control and reduce their blood cholesterol.

The idea that cholesterol in shellfish might represent a risk was first put forward at a conference held 22 years ago. However, leading U.S. nutritional scientist Professor Bill Lands has advised SAGB that there has never been any proof to support this. Prof. Lands believes that maintaining an adequate omega-3 level in the diet is the surest way of avoiding heart disease and that shellfish can help that.

According to SAGB, in 1988 Canada rejected the idea that shellfish should be avoided and in French speaking countries the idea is ridiculed. They have never strayed from the idea that shellfish is good for you.