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หัวข้อ: Thailand; WTO Launches Investigation into USA Dumping Duties
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On September 28, 2006, the Associated Press reported from Geneva, Switzerland: The United States temporarily delayed a World Trade Organization investigation into the dumping duties on Thailand's shrimp exports. The United States said it was "premature" for Thailand to ask the World Trade Organization for an investigative panel to be set up. Thailand will have a second chance to ask the Geneva-based trade body to start the inquiry--a move that Washington would not be able to block.

In October 2006, at the request of Thailand, the World Trade Organization (WTO) launched a formal investigation into the USA dumping duties on Thai shrimp. The USA delayed the start of the investigation by 30 days, but on Thailand's second request, the WTO was required to act.

In a separate matter, Thailand, India, Brazil and Japan have joined the European Union as parties to a WTO investigation of the USA practice of "zeroing" to determine dumping duties. Previous WTO panels have found that zeroing leads to artificial and inflated dumping duties. Without zeroing, the USA would be unable to justify its dumping case.

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