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หัวข้อ: "World Shrimp Farming 2005"
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The Eastern Hemisphere produces an estimated 85 percent of the worldีs farmed shrimp from more than a million small-scale farmsัand from lots of big ones too.ส Indonesia, for example, has one farm that produced 35,000 metric tons of shrimp in 2004.ส Iีm not sure whatีs going on in China, but it is probably the largest producer of farmed shrimp in the world, even though Thailand officially holds that title.

Shrimp farmers in the Western Hemisphere struggle to compete with those in the Eastern Hemisphere.ส The West has the advantage of easy access to the greatest shrimp market in the worldัthe United States, which consumes 50% of the worldีs shrimp. สShrimp farms in northwest Mexico, for example, can truck their shrimp directly into the huge Southern California market, and shrimp farms in Central America and northern South America are also nicely positioned for doing business in the USA.

Shrimp farmers in the Western Hemisphere produce a fresh, clean, environmentally friendly product.ส Check the record to see which countries have been playing fast and loose with the environment and antibiotics.ส They are not in the Western Hemisphere!

Shrimp prices have been dropping for five years and currently scrape along the bottom of their range, making it difficult for shrimp farmers anywhere in the world to make a profit.ส But, as Bill More points out on page one, some shrimp farmers in the Western Hemisphere have learned to make a profit by cutting costs to the bone.

Penaeus vannamei is now farmed everywhere in Southeast Asia, except Bangladesh.

The killer viruses, like whitespot and Taura, are becoming more manageable