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Posted by koji_Y on 28/10/2005 4:00:00 (149 reads)  
Shrimp Media Monitoring Programme is now renamed to "Shrimp eNews" and fetures NACA related shrimp activities, Market information and New publication information as well as Media monitoring.
The latest shrimp eNews is now available and the following topics are in this issue;

1. NACA Activities News
• International principles for responsible shrimp farming
• BMP approach for sustainable shrimp farming is expanding to Iran
2. Media News
• Vietnamese shrimp exports likely to drop in October
• FTA movement between Thailand and Peru
• Organic shrimp farming in Bangladesh
• Impacts of Katrina and Rita on the US Shrimp industries
3. Market Price
• P.monodon in Japanese Market
• NACA shrimp Publication
• Aquaculture, vol 249

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