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หัวข้อ: The Division of Biology of Imperial College, London co-hosts with STREAM a works
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Posted by PaulBulcock on 3/11/2005 4:50:00 (20 reads)  
Imperial College London in association with STREAM hosted an EnhanceFish Workshop, from 17th - 21st October at the NACA Secretariat in Bangkok. EnhanceFish is a decision support tool for the quantitative assessment of aquaculture-based fisheries enhancements developed by Dr Kai Lorenzen and Dr Paul Medley.

The workshop was attended by fishery professionals from across Asia including Cambodia, LaoPDR, India, Iran, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Participants learnt about the use of EnhanceFish and considered its application to management within their areas of work.

To learn more about EnhanceFish please the visit the project page at a CD of the workshop which includes the EnhanceFish programme is available by contacting