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หัวข้อ: Onshore breeding venture to boost tuna farming
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Drawing inspiration from the Japanese, who reportedly closed the northern bluefin tuna life cycle, the managing director of the Stehr Group hopes to double South Australia's A$ 200 million (US$ 153.7 million) tuna farming sector by setting up an offshore tuna breeding site in Eyre Peninsula's Arno Bay. German-born Hagen Stehr plans to double Australia's southern bluefin tuna harvest in the next ten years by growing tuna to marketable size in the Arno Bay site.

Stehr, who has been working on the project for the past five years, finds creating a new sustainable tuna industry exciting. He believes there will be significant opportunity for expansion over the next decade. The Stehr Group, considered South Australia's most successful fishing and aquaculture company, was founded in Port Lincoln in 1969. Since then it has become a pioneer in offshore tuna farming and has also evolved a controlled aquaculture environment to breed and grow finfish through its Clean Seas Aquaculture Hatchery, which has cost the company A$ 20 million (US$ 15.4 million) since the year 2000.

Starting his fisheries career as a tuna fisher in the 1960s, Stehr is now one of Port Lincoln's richest fishermen. He, however, feels that the number of trained aquaculture workers in South Australia was still not sufficient to fuel the industry along a path that could yield enormous benefits. He believes that the expanding tuna farming industry has enormous potential considering that Australia will need one million mt of fish annually by 2050 to satisfy its growing population without even taking into account enormous growth in world demand.