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Jae-Yoon Jo*, Muslim and In-Bae Kim
Department of Fisheries Biology Pukyong National University Busan 608-737, Korea

In an intensive rainbow trout farm with partial water recirculating system, water puriefof the bioof IBK (Intensive Bioproduction Korean) system were studied. The experiment was conducted at Chungri Rainbow Trout Farm, Sangju, Korea from August to October 2004. There are 9 biochambers in the farm and each chamber size is
4.0 x 3.1 x 1.7 m (D). Inside the chamber, 1600 corrugated plastic plates, each occupying 63cm x 127cm x 1 cm (H), are installed as the media. Specisurface area of the media is 237.8 m2/m3 and surface area per chamber is 3068 m2. Two vertical axial-pumps lift the water into the inlet channel of 9 biochambers at the rate of 500 m3/h. Water samples were collected at 3 sites of inlet channel (before bioand 3 sites of outlet channel (after bioand were collected every 3-hour intervals for 24 hours each month.
The average concentrations of TAN decreased from 1.5 mg/L to 1.27 mg/L and their efwere between 13.77% and 19.79%. The decreased rate of TAN concentration through biowas 2.76 kg/day, being about 100 mg/m2/day. The average concentrations of NO2-N were little changed through the bioThe average concentrations of NO3-N and PO4-P were increased after the bioAverage concentrations of COD were decreased in the bioat the efof 13.08%. The average concentrations of SS in the samples of August, September and October were decreased from 0.66, 1.08 and 1.39 mg/L to 0.26, 0.68 and 0.90 mg/L, respectively. Their efwere 61.2%, 37.1% and 35.0%, respectively. Average SS removal rate of the biowas 222.2 g/chamber/ day in dry weight. The concentrations of SS and COD from August to October were directly related with the amount of feeding during the period.
According to these results, the bioof the IBK system was effective for the capture of COD and SS in partial recirculating rainbow trout farm.