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หัวข้อ: AquaChile and BioMar to build tilapia feed plant
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AquaChile is the largest Chilean salmon company and BioMar is one of the leaders worldwide in the production of fish feed. (Photo: BioMar/FIS)

AquaChile and BioMar to build tilapia feed plant
Friday, February 04, 2011, 02:40 (GMT + 9)

AquaChile and BioMar are to collaborate on building a fish feed plant in Costa Rican territories, which will require an investment of USD 15 million.

The heads of both companies expect the plant to begin production in 2012, and supply a high quality product to producers of tilapia and other species of Central and South America.

"We are very pleased with this new project, as it will allow us to continue expanding our operations in other markets and species, in line with our growth strategy," said the Vice President of BioMar Americas, Felipe Ureta.

"For numerous years, we have been supplying Empresas AquaChile with fish feed for salmon and trout in Chile through a joint venture that we have maintained, just as we have done with their company in Costa Rica, as suppliers of suppliments for juvenile tilapia, which has become a very sustainable species which is able to produce high quality protein for human consumption," he continued explaining.

He added: "This new investment is an exciting opportunity to capitalize on our current position as a leader in the innovation and development of the highest quality fish feed and an interesting platform to enhance our future growth in the Americas and around the world."

For its part, Alfonso Marquez de la Plata, CEO of Empresas AquaChile, said that "one of the biggest benefits of this transaction will be access to the latest knowledge in nutrition and feed development."

"We will be working with one of the world's leading fish food companies on developing innovative and cost-effective diets for the production of tilapia, a species which is growing in popularity and will continue to do so given its taste and sustainability," he said.

Meanwhile, Carlos Enrique Gonzalez, chairman of Grupo ACI, which is owned by AquaChile, added: "One of the main benefits of this agreement is that we will have access to the latest knowledge in the development of nutrition and feeding."

The joint project will ensure "traceability along the value chain," ofr both companies, he stressed.

AquaChile is the largest Chilean-owned salmon company and BioMar is one of the leading companies worldwide in the production of feed for salmon, trout, sea bass and sea bream, among other resources.

AquaChile owns 80 per cent of Grupo ACI, one of the leading producers of tilapia in Latin America and a major exporter of fresh tilapia to the United States.

By Analia Murias