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หัวข้อ: FAO helps to promote aquaculture in Nicaragua
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The assistance comes at an opportune moment, as world wide fish consumption has reached record levels partly due to aquaculture. (Photo: Inpesca)

FAO helps to promote aquaculture in Nicaragua

Friday, February 04, 2011, 03:20 (GMT + 9)

The Nicaraguan Government - through the Nicaraguan Fisheries Institute (Inpesca) - and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) presented a program that aims to promote the production and consumption of products from aquaculture.

It is expected that the 'National Plan for Small Scale and Limited Resources: Rural, Urban and Suburban Aquaculture will benefit farmers of a small scale with limited resources on aspects of production, aquatic health, epidemiological surveillance, promotion of seafood consumption, technology transfer and usage, among other issues.

According to the chief executive of Inpesca, Steadman Fagoth, the program was developed through workshops and thematic consultations at a nationwide level.

The FAO believes that Nicaragua has great potential to develop aquaculture.

In addition, the FAO representative in Nicaragua, Gero Vaagt, highlighted the efforts made by the Government of Nicaragua to encourage the intake of fish products, although he admitted that there are some problems in doing so.

"We are seeing difficulties, but at the same time we see opportunities. And for a country in which the agricultural sector is so important, as in Nicaragua, we see more opportunities to deepen and strengthen agricultural production and consumption of fishery products," said Vaagt.

The FAO representative also commented that the presentation of this plan comes at a very opportune time, since this week came a FAO report which reveals that the consumption of fish reached a world record of 17 kg person, thanks to a considerable contribution from aquaculture.

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By Analia Murias