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หัวข้อ: Salmon spot market prices week 32
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Weekly evolution of salmon prices up until week 32, 2009 and 2010. (Fish Pool/ Odin Hjellestad, FIS)

Salmon spot market prices week 32

Thursday, August 12, 2010, 15:00 (GMT + 9)

Salmon spot prices were up last Friday for deliveries this week (32) compared to the previous week (31). There is still an important price difference between the small sizes (2-3) and the big sizes (6-7) according to the NOS report for week 31, reports Fish Pool ASA.

The Fish Pool Index - Spot Market Prices (fresh salmon 3-6 kg, FCA Oslo) for the latest four weeks were as follows:

Week 28: FPI in EUR: 5.21, FPI in NOK: 41.61, NOK/EUR: 7.98
Week 29: FPI in EUR: 4.75, FPI in NOK: 38.27 NOK/EUR: 8.05
Week 30: FPI in EUR: 4.74, FPI in NOK: 37.80, NOK/EUR: 7.98
Week 31: FPI in EUR: 4.84*, FPI in NOK: 38.14*, NOK/EUR: 7.88

*Preliminary FPI

The preliminary FPI is based on historical values. The final FPI will be completed Friday in the forthcoming week, when all of the 5 price elements have been updated.

(Graph: Fish Pool)

Fish Pool Forward prices

The forward price reflects the expectations of the Fish Pool's Members for the next 24 months. The prices are assessed by contracts made as well as interests to buy or sell at Fish Pool and are indications for information purposes only. The currency exchange rate is sourced from DnB NOR Markets/Reuters.

10 August was last traded at NOK 37,50 - now best buyer at NOK 37,50 vs. NOK 39.

Best buyer for 10 September is at NOK 34,75 vs. NOK 35,75.

Q4 2010 is now at NOK 33,65 vs. NOK 34,50.

Y-2011 was last traded at NOK 34,25, now at  NOK 34,25 vs. NOK 35,00.

Best buyer for Sep-Dec 2010 is now at NOK 34,50 vs. NOK 34,75.

Y-2012 was last traded at NOK 32,50