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หัวข้อ: SalmonChile resignation a 'warning signal' for the industry
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Puchi felt that the changes taken by SalmonChile were not sufficient. (Photo: Fedequellon/FIS)

SalmonChile resignation a 'warning signal' for the industry

Tuesday, August 10, 2010, 02:50 (GMT + 9)

The President of AquaChile, Victor Hugo Puchi, has resigned as vice president for the Association of the Salmon Industry A.G. (SalmonChile), due to "the changes made by the profession not having the depth required to hault the crisis being experienced by the industry."
According to a statement made by Puchi in a public letter, his resignation was mainly due to the recent decisions made by SalmonChile, related to sanitation requirements which regulates businesses, Diario Financiero reported.
His decision has provided a warning signal for the leadership which the association is exerting.
"We have forgotten to fight for the things that unite us and have focused on individual fights. We must take a responsible decision to change this," Puchi said after resigning from the Board of SalmonChile.
"My decision is based on the repeated SalmonChile discrepancies concerning the depth of changes required by the industry to aspire to reform sanitary conditions," after the crisis caused by the infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) virus, which has spread to a large quantity of farms in the country since 2007.
After accepting the resignation, the Association appointed the businessman, Jan Stengel, as vice president, a representative from Congelados Pacíficos S.A. and head of Pesquera Bío Bío. Which was endorsed by the current president, César Barros.
Multiple industry sources explained that the resignation of Puchi is due to the resolutions adopted by the salmon industry harming the interests of AquaChile, with respect to the distances between neighborhoods and the relocation of aquaculture farms.
The new board of SalmonChile consists of: Barros, Stengel, Francisco Miranda (Mainstream Chile), José Ramón Gutiérrez (Multiexport Foods), José Gago (Nova Austral), Jose Guzman (Agrosuper) and Alvaro Jimenez (Marine Harvest Chile).
By Analia Murias

หัวข้อ: Re: SalmonChile resignation a 'warning signal' for the industry
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