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หัวข้อ: The design, operations and economics of cage culture systems
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John E. Huguenin
Massuchusrtts Maritime Academy. 101 Academy Drive, Buzzard.7 Bay* MA 025.32, USA
Received 1 October 1996: accepted I November 1996
Aquacultural Engineering I6 (1907) 167-203


The commercial culturing of fish in cages has expanded significantly in the past 20 years.
While most of this expansion has been with salmonid species, there is still considerable
worldwide diversity of cage culture species and culture conditions. Trends are toward larger
individual cages and more exposed sites. Many interactive site, species, environmental,
engineering, economic and operational factors must be considered during the cage system
design process. This process is reviewed and potential problems in design and operations arc
discussed. ‘Rules of good practice’ are provided as guidance in avoiding potential pitfalls. 0
1997 Elsevier Science B.V.

Kepords: Cage culture system; Aquatic cage; Fish culture