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หัวข้อ: Reports on FDA’s Action
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The Global Aquaculture Alliance, based in St. Louis, Missouri, has developed a set of farmed-seafood standards called Best Aquaculture Practices (BAPs).  The BAPs are licensed by the Aquaculture Certification Council, Inc., of Kirkland, Washington, which carries out inspections and manages the certification process.  BAP standards address environmental and social responsibility, animal welfare, food safety and traceability for shrimp farms and hatcheries, tilapia and channel catfish farms and seafood processing plants.
The pilot program responds to a recommendation in President Bush’s Action Plan for Import Safety, issued in November 2007, which called for the development of voluntary third-party certification programs for foreign producers who export to the United States.  FDA’s Food Protection Plan, also issued last November, emphasizes qualified and legitimate third-party certification as a way to help verify the safety of products from both foreign and domestic food companies.