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หัวข้อ: Malaysia; World Freshwater Prawn Production
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Almost 98% of the global freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium spp.) supply comes from China, India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Taiwan and Vietnam.  Accurate production data by species and country are not available.  Here are some estimates:
China is probably the largest producer of freshwater prawns in the world, with production of around 132,000 metric tons in 2006.  It also has the fastest growth rate, with prawn production rising 257% between 1996 and 2006.  Production was 37,000 tons in 1996.
India ranks second with production of 30,115 tons during 2006-2007.  The bulk of production is exported as “scampi”.  During 2005-2006, India exported 6,191 tons.
In Thailand, production was 30,000 tons in 2005, up 203% from 2000, but down 8% from the previous year.  There is a strong domestic market with a demand for large sizes from restaurants.  In 2006, exports reached 8,094 tons, but dropped to 1,956 tons in 2007 due to increasing domestic demand.
Bangladesh is a big producer and consumer of prawns with a total production of around 21,000 tons in 2006.  Almost 60 to 80% of production is sold to processors while the rest is channeled to local markets as head-on fresh product.  Large wild-caught animals are in demand because they taste better.  Prawns are exported headless to the EU and USA.  Head-on and easy-peel prawns are the newest products in western markets.
The production of freshwater prawns in Vietnam was previously classified under freshwater crustaceans by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and the volume totaled some 5,200 tons.  The domestic market for freshwater prawns is very significant.  Consumers prefer large sizes for barbequing.  Vietnam exports a substantial amount of head-on prawns to Asian restaurants in Germany and France.
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