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หัวข้อ: Marine Fish Prices : Weekly Wholesales Marine Fish Prices in Southern China
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October 8 –14, 2005

This provides marine fish wholesales prices of the Huangsha Live Seafood Wholesales Market in Southern China, and it is the biggest live seafood market in China. Wholesales prices for live marine food fish are obtained from the website and being converted to English to facilitate readers in the region. The market sells a wide range of groupers and other coral reef fish from all over the Asia-Pacific region. Prices are expressed in US Dollar based on the original prices in Chinese currency (Yuan). The conversion rate used is US$1 to CNY 8.0896. The prices listed on this website are for reference only.

English Name : Humphead wrasse; Napoleon wrasse; Humphead maori wrasse
Scientific Name : Cheilinus undulatus
Weekly Average Price : US$ 108.77

English Name : Humpback grouper; Barramundi cod; Mouse grouper
Scientific Name : Cromileptes altivelis
Weekly Average Price : US$ 85.28

English Name : Coral trout; Leopard coral grouper
Scientific Name : Plectropomus leopardus
Weekly Average Price : US$ 49.44

English Name : Spotted coralgrouper; Barred-cheek coral trout
Scientific Name : Plectropomus maculatus
Weekly Average Price : US$ 35.23

English Name : Squaretail coralgrouper; Squaretail coral trout
Scientific Name : Plectropomus areolatus
Weekly Average Price : US$ 24.72

English Name : Reef stonefish
Scientific Name : Synanceia verrucosa
Weekly Average Price : US$ 29.36

English Name : Camouflage grouper
Scientific Name : Epinephelus polyphekadion
Weekly Average Price : US$ 26.27

English Name : Red grouper; Hong Kong grouper
Scientific Name : Epinephelus akaara
Weekly Average Price : US$ 30.90

English Name : Blackspot tuskfish
Scientific Name : Choerodon schoenleinii
Weekly Average Price : US$ 14.21

English Name : Tiger grouper; Brawn marbled grouper; Flowery cod
Scientific Name : Epinephelus fuscoguttatus
Weekly Average Price : US$ 14.21

English Name : Potato cod
Scientific Name : Epinephelus tukula
Weekly Average Price : US$ 19.78

English Name : Yellow grouper
Scientific Name : Epinephelus awoara
Weekly Average Price : US$ 21.01

English Name : Giant grouper; Queensland grouper
Scientific Name : Epinephelus lanceolatus
Weekly Average Price : US$ 12.67

English Name : Sand bass; Glass-eyed perch
Scientific Name : Psammoperca waigiensis
Weekly Average Price : US$ 11.87

English Name : Duskytail grouper
Scientific Name : Epinephelus bleekeri
Weekly Average Price : US$ 13.60

English Name : Orange-spotted grouper; Estuary cod
Scientific Name : Epinephelus coioides
Weekly Average Price : US$ 10.63

English Name : White-blotched grouper
Scientific Name : Epinephelus multinotatus
Weekly Average Price : US$ 6.06

English Name : Seabass; Barramundi
Scientific Name : Lates calcarifer
Weekly Average Price : US$ 4.94

English Name : Emperor red snapper; Red emperor
Scientific Name : Lutjanus sebae
Weekly Average Price : US$ 4.94

English Name : Spotted silver scat
Scientific Name : Scatophagus argus
Weekly Average Price : US$ 21.01