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หัวข้อ: Efficient Robotic System for Fish Processing
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Optimar supplies conveyors for many different tasks in the fish processing industry  

Efficient Robotic System for Fish Processing

(NORWAY, 5/17/2010)
Optimar specializes in the design and production of automatic and robotic systems for the fish processing. Optimar systems make processing easier, faster, safer, cleaner and more profitable.

Optimar supplies conveyors for many different tasks in the fish processing industry, from heavy duty conveyors in the receiving area on trawlers, to light conveyors for fillets and shrimps which are easy to clean and maintain.
Optimar’s standards of sanitary excellence are based on years of experience in the fish processing industry, meeting the strict food-safety regulations of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) as well as those of Norway, Spain and other countries around the world.
Optimar's conveyor and elevator systems  

Only materials that are cleanable and durable, such as stainless steel, are used. Although the space available for conveyors may be limited, Optimar ensures a comfortable height for workers, minimizing the risk of unintended product contamination, and providing easy access for cleaning.
Virtually all Optimar conveyors are a customized combining size, angle, movement, height, width and/or length. The only thing ‘standard’ about Optimar conveyors is that they move products from point A to point B. Beyond this basic function, however, something is always slightly different.
Optimar conveyor system ensures a comfortable height for workers  

Conveyors are as vital to the processing system as the products they carry from one step to another. Each Optimar conveyor is designed to ensure a smooth, consistent product flow and, at the same time, saving space and maximizing efficiency.
About Optimar Giske AS
With its roots strongly planted in the fishing industry, Optimar is well-known in regions of the world where fishing is a way of life. Optimar has representatives or agents in strategic locations where the company had primary design and fabrication responsibilities for over 600 installations.

Optimar has been working side-by-side with leaders in fishing around the world, helping to transform the industry form one totally dependent on manual labor to one that competes effectively in the worldwide marketplace today by using sophisticated, robust, automated systems.
Over 40 years ago, Optimar delivered the world’s first factory for processing fish onboard the trawler John Longva. Today, more than half the vessels in Norway’s fishing fleets have Optimar processing equipment ranging from conveyor to freezing and palletizing systems.
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